2018 Cal40 Race Schedule

Jan 27 - LAYC Opening

Apr 27 - Ensenada Race

May 5 - NHYC Opening

Jul 7 - Seal Beach to Dana Point

Jul 21 - LBYC to Ship Rock (race over, only)

Jul 27 - Santa Barbara to King Harbor

Oct 13 - LAYC race to Howlands (race over, only)

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Race Results

2016 Pacific Cup

Redhead, 2016 Pacific Cup WinnerRedhead

Final 2016 Race Results

LAYC Opening: 1. Radiant; 2. Callisto; 3. Psyche

NHYC Opening: 1. Radiant; 2. Callisto

LBYC Ship Rock: 1. Magic II

Seal Beach to Dana Point: 1. Magic II; 2. No Parley

Santa Barbara to King Harbor: 1. Celebrity

Harbor Series to Howlands: Ralphie, Taylor Pilsbury

Final Scores, 2016:

Radiant, Charlie Beven (3+2) 5
Callisto, James Eddy (2+2) 4
Magic II, Jim Brock (1+1) 2
(tie) Celebrity & Ralphie (1 pt. each)

Final 2015 Race Results

LAYC Opening Day:

1. Radiant (2 pts)
2. Callisto (1 pt.)

NHYC Opening Day

1. Ralphie (3 pts)
2. Radiant (2 pts)
3. Callisto (1 pt.)

Boarder Run ... no entries.

Long Beach to Ship Rock

1. Magic II (1 pt.)

Seal Beach to Dana Point

1. Magic II (1 pt.)

Santa Barbara to King Harbor

1. Celebrity (1 pt)

LAYC Howlands Lay-over, Day 1.

1. Callisto (1 pt.)

LAYC Howlands Lay-over, Day 2

1. Callisto (1 pt)


Callisto 4
Radiant 4
Ralphie 3
Magic II 2
Celebrity 1

Tie-Breakers, used sequentially, until the tie is broken:

1. Total number of Races sailed against other Cal-40?s: Callisto: 2, Radiant: 2
2. Total Number of other Cal-40?s in the race(s): Callisto 1 + 2, Radiant 1 + 2
3. Total Class-recommended races sailed: Callisto 4, Radiant 2
4. Total Number of Class-recommended races finished.
5. Not won class championship before.
6. Not won the class championship most recently
7. Coin-Flip to be conducted by the Class President.

Tie-Break goes to Callisto ! ! !

The original intent of the High-Point Series was to spread the racing around as far as possible. Most of active the boats are in the LA / Long Beach area. From the out-set, we only scored the Long Beach to Ship Rock race as one race, just counting the race over. For future purposes, I am recommending that the LAYC Howlands Lay-over be scored the same way, so as not to exaggerate its importance over other races. We have not had entries in the Boarder Run race, but I do think that we need to maintain some connection with the San Diego boats. Maybe there is some alternative, later in the year, as they are now schedule their race in late January.

The first race of our 2016 season has been completed, with the following results for the LAYC Opening Day race:

1. Radiant, Charlie Beven
2. Callisto, James Eddy
3. Psyche, Steve Calhoun

Final 2014 Race Results

LAYC Opening: 1. Radiant; 2. Callisto; 3. Celebrity

NHYC Opening: 1. Callisto; 2. Radiant

LBYC Ship Rock: 1. Magic II

Seal Beach to Dana Point: 1. Magic II; 2. No Parley

Santa Barbara to King Harbor:1. Magic II

Radiant: 3+1; Callisto: 2+2; Magic II: 1+2+1; Celebrity: 1+1; No Parley: 1

2014 Results:  Tie-Breaker to Magic II, for sailing in the most recommended races.

Final 2013 Race Results

LAYC Opening: 1. Callisto (The Eddy Family); 2.Melee (Bob Schaeffer); 3. Radiant (Charlie Beven)

NHYC Opening: 1. Radiant; 2. Melee; 3. Callisto

LBYC Ship Rock: 1. Magic II

Seal Beach to Dana Point: 1. Magic II

Santa Barbara to King Harbor: No entrants

LAYC Harbor Series: No entrants

Callisto: 3+1; Radiant: 1+3; Melee: 2+2; Magic II: 1+1

2013 Results: 3-Way tie-breaker to Melee, for not having won before.

Final 2012 Race Results


LAYC Opening Day: 1st) Callisto - 3 pts; 2nd) Radiant - 2 pts; 3rd) Celebrity - 1 pt
LAYC Howlands lay-over (Was not on the schedule, but as there were 4 Cal-40s entered, they qualify):
Race 1 (to Howlands): 1st) Melee - 4 pts; 2nd) Radiant - 3 pts; 3rd) Magic II - 2 pts; 4th) Callisto - 1 pt
Race 2 (Howlands to LA): 1st) Melee - 4 pts; 2nd) Magic II - 3 pts; 3rd) Callisto - 2 pts; 4th) Radiant (DNF) 1 pt
Boarder Run: 1st) Celebrity - 1 pt
Newport Harbor Yacht Club Opening Day Race: 1st) Callisto - 2 pts; 2nd) Psyche - 1 pt
Long Beach to Ship Rock Race: 1st) Magic II - 1 pt
Seal Beach to Dana Point: 1st) Willow Wind - 3 pts; 2nd) Magic II - 2 pts; 3rd) No Parley - 1 pt
Santa Barbara to King Harbor Race: 1st) Celebrity - 2 pts; 2nd) No Parley - 1 pt
LAYC Harbor Series:
Race 1: Magic II - 1 pt
Race 2: Magic II - 1 pt

The results are as follows:

1) Magic II - Jim Brock: 10pts (6 races)
2) Callisto - Jim Eddy and Family: 8pts (4 races - tie-breaker to Callisto for sailing in more races)
3) Melee - Bob Schaeffer: 8pts (2 races)
4) Radiant - Charlie Beven: 6pts (3 races)
5) Celebrity - Jerry Finnegan: 4pts (3 races)
6) Willow Wind - Duncan Harrison: 3pts (1 race)
7) No Parley - Jack Maranto: 2pts (2 races)
8) Psyche - Steve Calhoun: 1pt (1 race)

Final 2011 Race Results

LAYC Opening: 1. Melee; 2. Callisto; 3. Radiant
Boarder Run: 1. Celebrity; 2. No Parley; 3. Radiant; 4. Dani Girl; 5. Leilani (DNS)
NHYC Opening Day: 1. Radiant; 5. Melee (OCS), Callisto (OCS), No Parley (OCS), Dani Girl (OCS)
Seal Beach to Dana Point: 1. Magic II; 2. No Parley
LBYC Ship Rock Race: 1. Radiant; 2. Magic II; 3. Melee
Santa Barbara to King Harbor: 1. Magic II; 2. Celebrity
LAYC Harbor Series
: 1. Magic II;

Overall Scores: 1. Radiant - 11; 2. Magic II - 7; 3. Melee - 5

Final 2010 Race Results

Points for these races count towards our class High-Point series, and any other scheduled race, starting in Southern California between Marina del Rey and Newport Beach, in which 3 or more Cal-40s start.

LAYC Opening: 1. Callisto (2 points); 2. Radiant (1 point)
Boarder Run: 1. Dani Girl (4); 2. No Parley (3); Lielani (2); 4. Nozomi (1)
NHYC Opening Day: 1. Radiant (1)
LBYC Ship Rock Race: 1. Magic II (1)
Seal Beach to Dana Point: 1. No Parley (3); 2. Dani Girl (2); 3. Magic II (1)
Santa Barbara to King Harbor: no Cal-40s
LAYC Harbor Series
: no Cal-40s
Overall Points: No Parley: (6); Dani Girl (6); Callisto (2); Radiant (2); Lielani (2); Magic II (2); Nozomi (1);


  1. Races sailed against other Cal-40?s
  2. Races sailed.
  3. Number of Cal-40?s in the race(s).
  4. Degree of difficulty of the races.
  5. Races finished.

No Parley and Dani Girl both sailed 2 races involving other Cal-40s. No Parley and Dani Girl both sailed only two ?counting? races.

In Dani Girl?s Boarder Run Race, there were 4 Cal-40s, and it is the longest race in our series at . In No Parley?s victory in the race to Dana Point, there were 3 Cal-40s and the course is approximately half-the-distance of the Boarder Run race.

Based on the degree of difficulty of the Boarder Run race, and more Cal-40s racing, it is my opinion that the tie between Dani Girl and No Parley should be broken in favor of Dani Girl.

2010 Newport Bermuda Race 2010 - Attack of the Cal 40's!!!

While Sinn Fein was not able to threepeat her amazing win overall, the Cal 40 fleet made a real statement this week by sweeping their class 1, 2, 3! In addition Belle Aurore, Sinn Fein & ?Gone With the Wind? placed 3, 7, 8 in the overall standings for the St David's Lighthouse Division!

Congratulations to Peter Rebovich and team on Cal 40  Sinn Fein" who snatched up multiple honors at this year's Newport Bermuda Race, including the prestigious St. David's Lighthouse trophy for the top finisher in the IRC division.   This is the second consecutive time the team has won the Lighthouse trophy. "Sinn Fein" also won the Class 1 division for the fourth consecutive time and was the first to receive the North Rock Beacon Trophy.

Curmudgeon's Comment: =>
As mentioned above, Peter Rebovich's Cal 40 took top honors in the entire 123-boat St. David's Lighthouse Division, a category of the race which allows a limited number of professional crew, but only amateurs are permitted to helm the boat. However, they were also the first boat ever to win the North Rock Beacon Trophy, which was donated this year by the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club for the winner on corrected time among all of the boats in both the St. David's and the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse Divisions, with the later group allowing an unlimited number of professionals aboard, including professional helmsmen. -- http://www.bermudarace.com

2008 Newport to Bermuda Race

Peter S Rebovich, Sr. and his crew from Sinn Fein, the classic Cal 40 were the toast of Hamilton, after scooping up much of the silverware from this year's Newport Bermuda Race. Their haul included the St. David's Lighthouse, one of the most coveted prizes in offshore racing, together with the new North Rock Beacon Trophy for the top finisher in both the Gibbs Hill and St. David's Lighthouse Divisions under the IRC rating system. The North Rock Beacon Trophy was donated by the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club and awarded for the first time on Saturday evening. This is Sinn Fein's second consecutive St. David's Lighthouse win and their fourth consecutive Class 1 victory. Only one other boat, Carleton Mitchell's Finnesterre, has won the St. David's Lighthouse Trophy more often. That was in 1956, 1958 and 1960. Sail Number: USA-1818, Name: SINN FEIN, Yacht Design: Cal 40, Captain: Peter S. Rebovich Snr., Yacht Club: Raritan YC, Finish Date/Time: 6/24/08 22:43:57

Mark Rebovich, crew member of Sinn Fein, collecting his trophy

Peter S Rebovich Snr and his sons, Winners of the Newport Bermuda Race 2008

Peter S Rebovich Snr and his 'Sinn Fein' crew with one or their many trophies 

His Excellency the Governor, Sir Richard Gozney presented Peter S Rebovich Snr and his 'Sinn Fein' crew with the St David's Lighthouse Trophy, the North Rock Beacon Trophy, the Corinthian Trophy, The Thomas Fleming Day Memorial Trophy, the William C Finley trophy, the George W Mixter Trophy, the William Snaith Mormorial Trophy, the Medalion Trophy and the Olin J Stephens Ocean Racing Trophy

'Sinn Fein' a Cal 40 owned by Peter S Rebovich Sr (centre with sunglasses) celebrating his 4th class victory in a row and second Lighthouse Trophy for 1st overall, with his crew in Bermuda

2008 Seaweed Soup PerpetualCup

Click Here for Race Results  

2007 Transpac - Division 6

  • 1) Psyche, Steve Calhoun - Los Angeles, CA
  • 2) Far Far, Don Grind - San Francisco, CA
2007 - LAYC Opening Day:
  • 2) Radiant, Fin Beven
  • 5) Callisto, Jim Eddy
  • 6) Psyche, Steve Calhoun
2006 - OYRA ? Out of 10 boats, the top 3 were Cal-40?s:
  • 1) Azure,  Rodney Pimentel
  • 2) Shaman, Steve Waterloo
  • 3) Green Buffalo, Jim Quanci
2006 - Harbor Series, LAYC
  • 4) 4th.  Callisto, Jim Eddy
2006 West Marine Pacific Cup
  • 1) California Girl, Timm Lessley ( and 7th overall)
  • 3) Green Buffalo, Jim Quanci / Mary Lovely
2006 ? Bermuda Race
  • 1st in Class, Lowest corrected time:  Sinn Fein, Peter Rebovich
2006 - NHYC Opening Day
  • 1) Callisto, Jim Eddy
  • 2) Psyche, Steve Calhoun
2006 - LAYC Opening Day 2005 TransPac
  • 1) Ralphie, Davis Pilsbury  (4th overall)
  • 2) Illusion, Sally Honey
  • 3) Psyche, Steve Calhoun
  • 4) Seafire, John Harrison
  • 5) Far Far, Don Grind
  • 6) Shaman, Steve Waterloo
  • 7) Callisot, Jim Eddy
  • 8) Radiant, Fin Beven
  • 9) Dancing Bear, Mark Schrader
  • 10) Azure, Rodney Pimentel
  • 11) Willow Wind, Wendy Segal
  • 12) Spectre,  Leland Rogge
  • 13) Bubala, Lloyd Sellenger
  • 14) California Girl (withdrew, engine problems)
2005 Ensenada Race  (Class H)
  • 6) Ralphie, Davis Pillsbury
2004 Regatta de Amigos
  • Antares, Douglas Elmore - 2nd Place PHRF-Spin Class B - 5th Place PHRF-Spin Fleet
  • Astarte, Cheryl Morvillo - 2nd Place Crusing-Non-Spin Class B - 2nd Place Cruising-Non-Spin Fleet
2004 Santa Barbara to King Harbor
  • 4) Radiant, Fin Beven
  • 7) Magic II, Jim Brock
2004 West Marine Pacific Cup
  • 1) California Girl, Timm Lessley
2004 ? LBYC Isthmus Race
  • 3) Radiant, Fin Beven
  • 5) Magic II, Jim Brock
2004 Ensenada Race  (Class I)
  • 2) Radiant, Fin Beven
  • _) Ralphie, Davis Pillsbury
  • _) Willow Wind, Wendy Segal
  • _) Hana, George Elwers
2004 ? LAYC Opening Day
  • 1) Callisto, Jim Eddy
  • 2) Radiant, Fin Beven
2003 ? Harbor Series
  • 1.    Radiant, Fin Beven
  • 2.    Encore/Ralphie, Doug Grant
  • 3.    Callisto, Andy Eddy
2003 ? TransPac
  • 1) Illusion, Stan & Sally Honey  (3rd overall)
  • 2) Ranger, Wilson Partridge
  • 3) Seafire, John Harrison
  • 4) Ralphie, Davis Pillsbury
  • 5) Flying Cloud, Darrel & Scott Wilson
  • 6) California Girl, Don & Timm Lessley
  • 7) Celebrity, Jerry & Dick Finnegan
  • 8) John B, Greg Boyer
  • 9) Willow Wind, Wendy Segal
  • 10) RedHead, Andrew Oppel
2001 ? TransPac, Cruising Class
  • 1) Willow Wind, Wendy Segal
1985 ? TransPac
  • 1st in Class D, 1st Overall:  Montgomery Street, David Denning

1979 ? TransPac

1977 - TransPac


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